Is the book’s story true?


After some people had read the book “Hypnosis, the Return to the Past”, there were those who asked whether this was a true story.

The book tells the mishaps of Marcus Belling, a famous hypnotist who, one day, welcomes the mysterious Anne Pauline into his office. Over the course of several hypnosis sessions, in which she is subjected to Regression Therapy, she discovers that she can interact and communicate with some of the people who have been part of her different past lives. Even change past events.

Curious to know if I went to get some hidden secret that most of us don’t know about?

When i was looking for an editor in Portugal to publish the book, I presented the outline of the story (still very embryonic) to a person who worked in the publishing market. 

At the time, the first pages began, in the old version of the book, with a letter from hypnotist Marcus Belling to the National Hypnosis Association. When this person, who worked at the publishing market, read the first pages of my draft, she immediately realised a strange coincidence. We were on December 1st, and she said to me, “Have you noticed that today is also December 1?” And then she asked me, “Is this story true?” 

I still haven’t realised this coincidence of dates! I was incredulous, as well as the fact that what i had written sounded like events that could be real. Could people really communicate with their past lives through hypnosis?

Once the book was published in English, i realized that some comments went in this direction. There were people curious to know if the story was based on true events. 


I’ve never been hypnotized!

I wrote a novel where hypnosis is spoken, but i’ve never been hypnotized, at least not in a traditional office with a hypnotist by my side.

I’ve been hypnotized online before, but i don’t think i’ve ever been in a total hypnotic trance. Some ask me if it wouldn’t be important to go through this process before writing the book. In my opinion, being subjected to hypnosis during the writing of “Hypnosis, the Return to the Past” could have negatively influenced the writing by curtailing my freedom of imagination. I didn’t want to make the story realistic from a technical point of view, implying that i understood the mechanisms behind the hypnotic trance. 

So, i let my imagination flow throughout the novel. I don’t know anyone capable of communicationg with people in their past lives, or altering past events through hypnosis. Despite the realistic character that some people may sense in the story, it is all the figment of my fantasy. If such a power existed, i think many will agree that this would be a gift coveted by many. A power that could not, at all, fall into the wrong hands.


I am, however, pleasantly surprised that my words have resonated to such an extent that they have made them think that the contours of the story could come from something real. Still, if you know of someone who can interact with the people of their past lives, please, keep the secret: something as powerful and enviable as that gift, should remain part of anyone’s private world.